Can My Bearded Dragon Accessories Be Dish Soap Cleaned?

You spent a lot of time for choosing the best bearded dragon accessories for your sweet little pet. If you have invested so much time in choosing them, then keeping it clean and sanitized is also important for your beardie’s health. 

Can My Bearded Dragon Accessories Be Dish Soap Cleaned

If you are wondering how you can clean the tank with soap, then the answer is yes. You can use dish soap mixed in water to clean the enclosure. When you are using any product, you need to make sure that you are rinsing the tank/ cage/ enclosure properly, and there is no residue left on the surface.  

How you can clean your bearded dragon’s tank?

Remove feces daily

You don’t have to clean the whole habitat every day but cleaning the environment of the habitat is essential to be cleaned daily. Just like humans, your beardie also needs to have his regular bowels to be out of the body. 

Unlike humans, they don’t have a specific space to excrete their feces. And when there are feces in their tank, it would smell and wouldn’t be suitable for your beardie. So clean it out every day is suggested. 

There can be uneaten food lying around too, that is also a waste because it can’t be used again, so cleaning it is also necessary.

 Clean surfaces weekly

If you have a glass tank for your beardie, you should clean its surfaces in a weekly manner. This is because glass has the tendency to get dirty quickly, and you don’t want any dirt near your bearded dragon. 

You probably also have the best bearded dragon accessories in the tank, so you should clean their surfaces also on a weekly basis. When you clean the surfaces weekly, you can go through the whole cleaning process once in a month, and you and your beardie are good to go.

Full habitat cleaning each month

It would be best if you cleaned full-habitat once in a month. This includes every little thing that is included in the habitat. For knowing the steps of how to clean full-habitat of enclosures, you should read on the following steps: 

Put beardie in another enclosure

 When you are starting the process of cleaning, you should keep your bearded dragon in a temporary enclosure. It is for the safety of your beardie so that he doesn’t go wandering here and there and put himself in any danger.

Remove all the accessories

 Remove all the best bearded dragon accessories that you bought and put them in a bleach-water or dish-soap and water solution to clean them for 10-20 minutes. 

After soaking them, you should brush them and rinse them properly until there is no odor left. Now you can let it air dry before putting it back in the enclosure.

Vacuum clean the enclosure

 By vacuum cleaning the enclosure, you will be able to clean any debris on the enclosure’s surface. That can also get any waste or food waste that you may have missed.

Scrub it all

Scrubbing doesn’t mean you are only doing the outside surface; you have to clean it all. It includes corners and bottom too and all the inside surfaces. You can use bleach-water, which also includes a bit of dish soap solution in it, to clean the enclosure. Don’t be cheap at using the solution; use a generous amount because you need the enclosure clean and healthy for your beardie.

Rinse and rinse

You need to rinse the enclosure properly so that there is no residual odor of the solution. You can rinse numerous times and get it clean.

Pat dry with a cloth

You can use a nice micro-fiber cloth or towel to dry the surface so that there are no water streaks on the surface.

Put all the accessories back

 Put all the accessories that you cleaned and are the best bearded dragon accessories back in the enclosure. You should also add fresh water to the water dish for your adorable beardie. And keep the temperature favorable before you place your bearded dragon again in the tank.

What are the signs of illness in your beardie?

No pooping

if your bearded dragon is not pooping and it has been several days, you should give him a warm bath. If there is no visible change, then you should call the vet to check on him.

Jerky movements

 If your beardie is not walking properly or you are seeing any bumps on the legs, there could be a lack of Vitamin D, which can cause weakened bones. 

Mouth rot

 If you are seeing a lack of appetite and swollen mouth or a yellow or white-colored substance around the mouth, then there could be a problem of mouth rot. You can also buy stimulants for his appetite to make him better. 

Breathing difficulty

 If your beardie is breathing with his mouth open, then that is because he is having any  problem in breathing. Another sign can be mucus around his nostrils. When breathing is difficult, the beard area will also seem a little puffy, so you should get that checked out as soon as possible.


 When a bearded dragon shows any sign of wrinkled skin, sunken eyes, and after drinking the water, he is perking the neck up, these can be the sign that he is suffering from dehydration.

This can also make your beardie less active, and there will be no sign of energy in him. The skin will get loose, and that is not a good sign. You can help him drink more and more water with the help of a syringe, and you can also use any eye dropper to help him drink water.


When there is a change in the diet, and then you see any runny poop, that is normal. But when there is no change in the diet but there he is showing signs of runny poop, you must take him to the wet because that indicates some worms or parasites.