What a Squirrel Should and Shouldn’t Eat?

Owning a lovely squirrel is the trend of most young people today. A squirrel is a very smart and agile pet. It certainly will not let you down in any of those attributes. If you have or are planning to raise a squirrel – which is by far, the best pet on the planet, then let’s see what squirrels eat.

Outstanding characteristics of the ground squirrel

What a Squirrel Should and Shouldn't Eat

Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, the squirrel has its own cuteness. The squirrel has a brown coat, with striped hips, a cream-colored belly, that can be either yellow or white, and ruffled tail furs. They are very adaptable to most environments, they are quite funny and generally approachable. You will be surprised by how clever and mischievous they can be. Often running and climbing, especially all over their owner, they will dance after being fed, and just like other pets squirrels will also wait for their owner at the door in anticipation of their return home.

You can easily train them to obey or run until they hear you call … When squirrels become familiar with their owner, they can be very flattering. It is nothing strange for when you are sad, that the squirrels become the place for you to vent your frustration.

Squirrels are very adaptable to various environments

According to the advice of people well experienced in soil care and squirrels, it is best to take care of them before they open their eyes. You should not be afraid because squirrels are easy to raise and adapt quickly to the environment, so raising a baby is not difficult.

A mature squirrels’ diet

What a Squirrel Should and Shouldn't Eat

Vegetables and nuts are squirrel’s favorite food

When the squirrels have matured, their food becomes more diverse. Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, salads, are good sources of vitamins for squirrels. Fruits squirrels like are mainly bananas, apples, pears, papayas, kiwis, etc. You should also include legumes for them, mainly nuts because they like to eat nuts.

Additionally, you should add insects to their diet. Insects such as worms, silkworm pupae, and butterflies. However, the ratio of animal food should not be higher than 30% of the diet of the squirrel.

Foods that should not be fed to squirrels

• Foods that irritate the digestive system should not be fed to squirrels. Foods such as onions, garlic, pepper, etc.
• Fresh milk does not appear to adversely affect squirrels, however, soymilk should not be fed to soil squirrels as these can easily cause diarrhea.
• Do not give squirrels foods that have been processed with excess fat.